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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (2019)

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In 1933 in Berlin. Anna is only nine years old when her life changes from the ground up. To escape the Nazis, her father Arthur Kemper, a well-known Jewish journalist, has to flee to Zurich. His family, Anna, her twelve-year-old brother Max and her mother Dorothea, follow him shortly thereafter. Anna has to leave everything behind, including her beloved pink rabbit, and to face a new life full of challenges and privations abroad. This page has when hitler stole pink rabbit 2019, watch online, when hitler stole pink rabbit 2019 free download, full movie hd


Watched this flick today with my 13 year old daughter. The lead actor girl – she is just so brilliant, and also extremely adorable. No words for this sweet little girl. She IS Anna, with all her heart and soul. Whole cast is wonderful, they all CAN act. And hats off to the script – it’s just great, the situations are coming right out of daily life of a young refugee girl – all the dialogues are real, not that kind of “young kid actor are talkin like 20 year old adult” – we know from US movies. Filmxy has When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (2019) Online Full Movie, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Riva Krymalowski, Marinus Hohmann, Carla Juri


The kids here are taken seroiusly as kids, and sometimes they are just so sweet and sometimes just so sad – I guess Carline Link knows what it’s all about to be a kid, and how to script it and how to make them acting “in role” in front of the camera. The whole story developes into a unique mix of drama and light entertaining – C. Link balances on the edge, and she manages not to fall off. Throughout the film, you can grab the historic background of forced jewish emigration out of Third Reich. But Link manages to let us be part of the family Kramer, to explore, what love in those hard times can mean. The true love parents are giving to their kids, whatever it costs, and the true love the kids give back. And it’s even about the love between the parents, between sister and brother, and the love to their beloved uncle and to their beloved maid. You see, there was a lot of love to handle with – and Link was able to put this into an emotional, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking gem. Hitler murdered so many jewish people – but he couldn’t destroy family Kerr (the original family, this film shows their lives, it’s based on real events), God thank Judith Kerr for writing the original book 1971. Go and see it with your family – you will smile, laugh, and maybe shed a tear sometimes. And that is what a good film should do.

Stars : Riva Krymalowski, Marinus Hohmann, Carla Juri

Genre : Drama, Family, History

Country : Germany, Switzerland

Posted on: September 8th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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