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Warming up to you (2022)

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NR | IMDb 6.4/10 | 1 hr 27 min

Kate Wolfe is a health and fitness expert. After being fired from the most prestigious gym in Los Angeles due to a disagreement in philosophy with the new owner Nigel, who espouses a superficial approach to “looking good” that does not usually include health or fitness, Kate moves back to her small hometown of Silver Springs, WA to work at her best friend Sasha Jones’ wilderness wellness retreat. Her Hollywood cachet for being good at what she does follows Kate as a movie studio hires her to be the personal trainer to one of their stars to get him in shape for filming an upcoming movie. Kate is dismayed to learn upon his arrival that he is Rick Steele, with who she had a run-in at the gym in Los Angeles. The star of an action movie franchise, he super-spy Darian Hall, Rick would admit only to himself and his faithful agent Jared Munroe that he has let his health, fitness and looks slip in the last year and a half. Getting over their initial animosity which was exacerbated by Rick not wanting to give up his unhealthy diet and lack of exercise lifestyle, Kate and Rick not only help the other work toward their life goals, which for Kate includes wanting to make a difference in Silver Springs, they start to fall for each other, despite Kate’s policy of not dating clients. Jared has some stake in what happens between them as he can see that Rick is happy once again because of Kate, and as Jared himself starts to fall for Sasha. Throwing a roadblock into the situation is fellow movie star Liza Calhoone, Rick’s ex-girlfriend, the reason he fell into a depression and let himself go, she who reenters his life in more ways than one. —HuggoL Loved all of the cast. They were appealing and did well. It was funny to see Christopher Russell with a huge gut. I suspect he had fun playing that character. Always enjoy Latonya Williams and Cindy Busby as well. Even the writing was pretty good. Unfortunately the plot was lacking. Not much happening other than the usual. Pretty uneventful with no build up of tension, anticipation or suspense.

Stars : Cindy Busby, Christopher Russell, Latonya Williams, Cindy Busby, Christopher Russell, Latonya Williams

Genre : Romance

Posted on: May 10th, 2022

Posted by: Bad Boy

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