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Vendetta (2022)

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R | IMDb 4.6/10 | 1 hr 36 min

When his daughter is brutally murdered and legal justice looks unlikely, William Duncan takes the law into his own hands, setting out on a quest for retribution. After killing the street thug who was directly responsible for her death, he finds himself in the middle of a war with the thug’s brother, Rory Fetter, and his gang, who are equally hell-bent on getting even for their fallen member. What ensues is a tense back-and-forth game of one man’s thirst for vengeance over another’s. William comes to find that the quest for revenge always has the same ending. —Jared CohnNow, I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from the 2022 action thriller “Vendetta”, given the fact that this movie had Bruce Willis on the cast list. And let’s just be honest, his track record these past many years haven’t exactly been top notch movie productions. And seeing that the movie also had Mike Tyson on the cast list just didn’t crank up any expectations to the movie.But still, I opted to watch the movie, since it also had both Clive Standen and Thomas Jane on the cast list as well. And of course, also because it was a movie that I hadn’t already seen helped play a part in making me sit down to watch what writer and director Jared Cohn had to offer.And color me impressed, “Vendetta” was actually a good movie. Sure, the storyline was pretty straight forward, if not actually generic for an action thriller of this kind. But it sure was entertaining.The movie has Clive Standen in the leading role, and he does carry the movie quite well with his performance. I wish that Thomas Jane would have had a bigger role, both because of his acting skill, but also because his character was one of the more colorful and interesting in the movie. Much can be said about Mike Tyson, but I will admit that he was actually fairly good in the particular role he had in the movie; it wasn’t a big role, but he actually nailed it well enough. And I would also say that “Vendetta” is one of the better movies for Bruce Willis in a long, long time.The soundtrack for the movie was just downright bad. I loathe that kind of music, so it stuck out like a sore thumb.If you enjoy a good old fashioned action packed and fast paced action thriller then writer and director Jared Cohn actually delivers a wholesome movie with this 2022 movie titled “Vendetta”.I was genuinely entertained by the storyline, and it was nicely paced from start to end. So if you have the chance to sit down and watch “Vendetta”, do so.I am rating “Vendetta” a six out of ten stars.

Stars : Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, Clive Standen, Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, Clive Standen

Genre : Action, Thriller

Country : United States

Posted on: May 18th, 2022

Posted by: Bad Boy

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