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Underwater (2020)

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PG-13 | IMDb 6.3/10 | 1h 35min

I went into the theater thinking nothing of it and came out thinking it’s good. It’s a strange type of mediocre and the full movie was enjoyable to watch online. The film hits just the right marks but it does not get you excited just sparked enough to free download it. Underwater moves too fast to be boring, which is good for this suspenseful film. But it also moves too fast to truly take notice of the cast of characters. Some highlights of the cast are. Vincent Cassell, who was amazing as the station’s captain. Makes we wish there was a new Star Trek or other science fiction series that needed a captain cause he would kill. Another Highlight is TJ Miller. Remember this page has Underwater (2020) watch online full movie in HD, Also you can Underwater (2020) free download full movie in HD.  


I’m surprise his name got on the poster cause I herd he was one of those guys in Hollywood that got canceled. The thing is, he is a supporting actor used for comedy relief and on this horror-like film, he did his job to perfection as the type of character who points out when they are in a horror cliche right on cue. I should mention Kristan Stewart but I was not really impressed with her starring role because the advantage of being the star did nothing to improve her acting. You will find Underwater (2020) watch online Bluray and Underwater (2020) free download in Bluray option. Sorry, I’m just not impressed with anything she’s done. This movie is the closet that’s ever happen. I can never say I don’t like a kristan Stewart film cause I found this movie very watchable.


What a pleasant surprise especially in January. Kristen Stewart stars as a young woman living seven miles beneath the surface on a drilling station that ends up unearthing some terrifying creatures. The movie starts off with a bang as the station she’s in begins to implode. Immediately it’s a race against time as she hooks up with other survivors and the captain devises a plan that will have them walking across the dark ocean floor where they’re not alone.  


With a rich, dark and sometimes intentionally muddled cinematography you are introduced to a spacious, endless world filled with floating debris that feels both wide and frighteningly claustrophobic. Funny guy TJ Miller, the awesome Vincent Cassel and cutie John Gallagher Jr. fill out some of the other supporting roles. Theres not a lot of setup but director William Eubank of the Signal establishes an intense, edge of your seat atmosphere accompanied by stylish cinematography and a mounting sense of dread. The movie is fun and is filled with homages to Alien and lovecraft all the while creating something new of it’s own.  


The culmination of events left me wanting just a tiny bit more but I loved the retro feel as well as throwing itself so wholeheartedly into being an aquatic horror enormous sized creature feature. Although the story and characters aren’t developed as well as you would hope the situational genre entry is anchored by a strong bad ass and against type lead performance from Kristen Stewart. This is one I’ll definitely be seeing again in theaters.

Stars : Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick

Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country : USA

Posted on: April 26th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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