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The Attic (2007)

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R | IMDb 3.4/10 | 1 hr 21 min

Emma doesn’t like the new house her family has moved into, especially the attic. Since moving into the house, the whole family is unsettled, Emma becoming reclusive. One day Emma is in the attic alone and is attacked by what appears to be her identical twin. Emma sets out to find out the riddle set before her. The only nail biting you will be doing in this movie will be if you get hungry and there’s nothing to eat in the fridge. The acting is very weak and the story line is paper thin. This page has the attic 2007, watch online, the attic 2007 free download, full movie hd.


There is very little suspense or thrills, and certainly nothing to make your heart race – or even go “bump” a little bit which makes for a very un-worthwhile film for anyone buying/hiring the video expecting those things. The wicca allusion was totally superfluous and the film’s only “high” note for me was the appearance of Detective John Trevor (Jason Lewis)- but only because of his good looks. Overall, I was very disappointed with this movie and I wouldn’t recommend it to other fans of the horror/thriller/supernatural genre. Emma has a strong aversion towards her family’s new house,especially the attic.After moving in,she becomes miserable and reclusive. Filmxy has The Attic (2007) Online Full Movie, The Attic (2007) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Catherine Mary Stewart, John Savage.


The rest of her family also seems unhappy and unsettled.The situation escalates one day when Emma is in the attic alone.All of a sudden someone who looks like Emma’s identical twin sister attacks her viciously.Emma is convinced that someone or something is haunting her…First of all I can’t believe that Mary Lambert,the director of very creepy “Pet Sematary” is responsible for this tedious piece of garbage.”The Attic” is deadly dull and contains no suspense.There is one throat slashing and that’s all when it comes to gore.The acting is pitiful,the script is predictable and it took me two days to actually finish this turd.Skip it. It was a great premise for a movie, but the acting totally dumped it. The script was pretty bag, but the acting for most of the characters was horrible. The brother was probably the best actor in the bunch. If only they had taken the time to put out a good product this would have been a heck of a sleeper. Maybe someone with an actual budget or at least actors who give a rip can do better with this story. Needed more back story, so many questions it wasn’t even funny. We should have been told somehow about the history of the house, and the families histories would have been nice too. The psychiatrist was good and the father could have been better, as i have seen him do better as an actor,but i think he was calling this one in cause he felt it was full of garbage too. This was so bad that my kids even said it was the worst they have ever seen and they pretty much watch anything.

Stars : Elisabeth Moss, Catherine Mary Stewart, John Savage

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Country : USA

Posted on: June 9th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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