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I looked for a way to reach out to you personally, but could not and am responding here. I read your critique a few days ago and was extremely concerned to read about the potential inaccuracy you cited. This line of dialogue was based on several exchanges I’ve had with people who have traveled the world and was based on those recollections. This page has teacher 2019, watch online, teacher 2019 free download, full movie hd.

Upon reading your comment, I looked back over my notes and did some more research, and I’m afraid I did in fact mistake the celebrations at the end of Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr) with the celebrations of Eid al Adha. More specifically, the dialogue was based on accounts of the Tabaski celebration that occurs in Senegal. Filmxy has Teacher (2019) Online Full Movie, Teacher (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: David Dastmalchian, Kevin Pollak, Curtis Edward Jackson

While the specific images mentioned during the Tabaski celebration are accurate to those conversations, my mistaking this holiday for another is a terrible error, and I am frankly mortified. As you rightly point out, a film dedicated to an anti-bullying message and the embracement of empathy and inclusion, let alone any film or any story, should not have such a mistake occur. Ever. Ever.

This is my mistake and mine only, and I am deeply sorry. Even though not intentional, any error of this kind toward a people and culture whom are often misrepresented and discriminated against is still a wrong and hurtful thing, and I again apologize.

This did not happen out of any malicious intent or a desire to deceive, but the fact that I had this mistake in memory, and that I did not do enough research at the time to make 100% sure it was accurate, still does speak toward my own capacity to generalize and misunderstand aspects of cultures that are not my own. This is against the spirit of not only the film, but how I want to conduct myself as a person.

I should also emphasize that any characterizations within the conversation in the film is meant only to depict characters awkwardly trying to get to know each other and was absolutely not meant to malign the tradition, the celebration, or any of its participants. In fact, the conversations I’ve had about Islamic traditions form those who’ve experienced and lived them, and those experiences I’ve had in my own life, are very positive and loving. This includes the conversations that inspired the dialogue in the film.

Thank you for expressing your concern and rightful frustration over this error. I wish I could find a way to contact you more directly, but I wanted to at least try to demonstrate that you’ve been heard and appreciated. I will make certain that I never make such a terrible mistake again, especially when tasked with the responsibility and privilege of making a film and telling any story in any way, be it mine or anyone else’s.

Stars : David Dastmalchian, Kevin Pollak, Curtis Edward Jackson

Genre : Drama

Country : USA

Posted on: August 13th, 2019

Posted by: shadow

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