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Start-Up (2019)

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N/A | IMDb 6.3/10 | 1 hr 41 min

From the moment the movie starts , its a laughing riot. Few scenes are so hilarious that i started coughing. OMG , please do watch it and share the word. This movie deserve so much attention adding 10 stars to boost up the ratings. This funny and entertaining movie has a quirky independent feel. The well written story about 2 friends trying to make money. This page has start-up 2019, watch online, start-up 2019 free download, full movie hd


The well crafted plot links things up nicely and has fresh humour and pretty exciting fight action as part of the story. The top notch cast is likeable. Jung Hae In is likeable and moving as the guy who works for debt collectors. He shows he can do different things from romantic roles. Felt quite scared for his character. Park Jung Min is funny as the guy who cannot fight and works in a restaurant doing delivery. Filmxy has Start-Up (2019) Online Full Movie, Start-Up (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Dong-seok Ma, Jung-min Park, Hae-In Jung


Ma Dong Seok is perfect for the gangster chef. Liked the tone and vibe of this funny story. This movie was an interesting watch. It goes back and forth between slapstick levels of goofy and totally serious, which really caught me off guard at first. You just never know what to expect next. The story itself isn’t very well developed or original, but it’s more about the different characters. I had quite a few good laughs and there were some rather touching scenes as well. I was especially happy to see Dong-seok Ma again. No matter if he plays a funny goofball or a serious gangster, he’s just the best. You’ll definitely be entertained. In short: Are we stuck in the roles we currently have and that your life and your decisions has brought you to? That is the question that is being brought up and shown, the step to take and how much it requires to change. Family as a concept is also being brought up, how you choose them and what it means to be close (true). You can do alot worse for a weekend night (with our without company). In longer: The cast is overall good, some characters might be a little to overly painted with quirks though it brings a little bit of chaos to the story which is needed. The underlying message where a paycheck ends up being the symbol for where the lead wants to invest his time, or where he belongs is both highly disturbing (there is no comment about how wrong that is or how inequal the world is becoming as the systems becomes more and more rigged – one note to easily pick up here would be the question if only the rich should be allowed emotion then?) and spot on in the time of far right fascism that is sweeping the world. Though it does pull on some strings and measurement of value (money) is then connected to other characters in its turn to climax the story. Using materialism to climax the emotional side of the story – Yin and Yang shining through.

Stars : Dong-seok Ma, Jung-min Park, Hae-In Jung

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Country : South Korea

Posted on: July 15th, 2021

Posted by: Bad Boy

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