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Shadowplay (2019)

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NR | IMDb 2.8/10 | 1hr 30 min

Fantasy none, Mystery is why did they make it, a lot of irrelevant Drama 100%, I skipped through the boring crap, weak storyline which has been used many times before, very drawn out slow going, total garbage from all unknown actors, its like watching cement/paint dry.Let me explain why I use a lot of irrelevant Drama for reference with my other reviews. This page has shadowplay 2019, watch online, shadowplay 2019 free download, full movie hd.

Good films/movie’s spend a lot a money making these films. It appears the film/movie makers set the genre considering they are making it. They must make the storyline if no one has watched it. Therefore there are loads of genre’s I like. Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi. I rate all my films from the genre given. When I watch them if they don’t meet that genre then the rating can drop to 1 as you can’t rate 0. Filmxy has Shadowplay (2019) Online Full Movie, Shadowplay (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Tony Eusoff, Iman Corinne Adrienne, Khairil M. Bahar.

I also like a good Comedy. To me a comedy is supposed to make you laugh or the low point smile a lot. Every Comedy film I’ve watched some are Comedy only which makes even more of an insult. You don’t even smile, that’s US Comedy for you when they laugh at anything.

That’s why the get a lot of irrelevant Drama %. to me irrelevant Drama is when they talk about anything useless of storyline that has no interest what so ever. So the more irrelevant Drama there is means they are reading a bad script or the storyline has no good foundation, they are just filling in in time.

The other factor is the play time for the film. The average play time is around 90 minutes 1:30. To 1:30 is a good time to watch a film. There are plenty of films with play times of 2 hours or more, they use irrelevant Drama just to pad it out. I saw a new film listed on here its was Drama only for 2:30 hours with no god storyline. So who in there right mind want to site a cinema for 2:30 watch crap?

This site is good for making reviews if no one has made a review. You have to get all the text you want to say correct the first time before it goes for checking. If it is accepted then that’s find, but there is no edit option to add additional info you may have missed.

The bad thing if someone has made a review which is totally wrong to the same film I’ve watched you can only click yes or no was this useful. You can’t post the good review which again is bad for any site. If there was 2 reviews then you click which one was useful. No just read the only one posted and make your mind up.

I post my review for SEAL Team as there wasn’t one. it shows good, now its disappeared because someone post their review 13/01/18 so my true review is missing. There wasn’t a review that’s why I posted mine, so how come this 2 year old review no shows?

Stars : Tony Eusoff, Iman Corinne Adrienne, Khairil M. Bahar

Genre : Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

Country : Malaysia

Posted on: August 29th, 2019

Posted by: king

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