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I remember seeing the movie’s test trailer and was FASCINATED by the beautiful animation. So I waited, followed the studio, the development, the videos they posted, became overjoyed by seeing netflix picking it up for production and when the time came, I sat down, closed the curtains, and started the movie. This page has samsam 2020, watch online, samsam 2020 free download, full movie hd.


Every moment of the movie, I was like “this animation…” because… yea, it’s the crown jewel of this movie, the reason I was so hyped to see it, the animation is BEYOND GORGEOUS! Hands down a perfect hand-drawn animation by a Disney veteran and expert character designer with a team of the best he could get on a small scale. This movie feels like every one involved with it loved their job. The backgrounds, the movements, the lighting, oh sweet gingerbread, the lighting was just amazing. Filmxy has SamSam (2020) Online Full Movie, SamSam (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Isaac Lobé-Lebel, Lior Chabbat, Jérémy Prévost


Every shade, hue and colour was just GLOWING and every background could be framed on a wall. The story itself is really fun, they didn’t hold back on how the characters move, sound and interact with each other, the plot itself was quite fun and worked out the emotions just in the right way. The pop song felt a bit cheap, but hey, product of it’s time, at least it wasn’t distractive. The ending got me a bit teary, it felt bittersweet for a moment, but then it threw that christmas warmth over me. 


The characters, IMO were all likeable. Jesper is a fun, quick-paced nitwit that reminds me a lot of Kuzco from The Emperor’s new Groove (down to the voice actor sounding startling similar to David Spade!), Klaus is a stoic, large figure with a little bit of sadness but plenty of space for joy, and J. K. Simons was a amtch made in heaven for that. The side characters were also lovely, especialy the antagonists. The movie also worked perfectly the subtle colour palette between the clans to make it pretty visible which citizen was from which clan (and I loved that paralel dialogue of the clan’s history) and the character design was superb. 


Each character brimmed with personality and had a very original shape, outline and animation so they stand out in the crowd. In sum, this wasa holiday experience I didn’t even know I needed so much, and another investment in animation that Netflix have done right. Keep up the good work, all of you. And I expect this old art to maybe find itself back into our lives, as a true act of kindness, always sparks another.

Stars : Isaac Lobé-Lebel, Lior Chabbat, Jérémy Prévost

Genre : Animation

Country : France

Posted on: July 17th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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