Rob the Mob (2014)

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R | IMDb 6.3/10 | 1h 44min

Rob The Mob 2014 did not get much screen time and no publicity and so very few people have heard of it. But it is actually a true story. There were these two whack jobs who robbed and humiliated the mafiosi at their recreational clubs. As to be expected, it does not end well for the intrepid pair. How and why anyone would decide to do something as harebrained as hitting on some of the most dangerous felons in the world is a story worth telling and watching. The performances were decent.  


The movie has style, a wonderful mood, character development that sets each scene honestly which is really fun to watch online. Cinematography the full movie is very well done. What I can’t get passed is that it is about two incompetent simpletons who just got lucky. Maybe that is the beauty of it all, but to me it isn’t and the ending was predictable because of it, due to the two main character’s incompetence. It is a true crime story that proves once again that justice happens through the most improbable chance of luck and fate based on stupidity.


It’s great watching Michael Pitt in something again after Boardwalk Empire and his Jimmy Durmondy was easily one of the best characters on that show. I was too young in the early ’90s to pay much attention to the Gotti trial so I do not recall the events of this movie happening but it’s pretty crazy (and pretty stupid) to fuck with the mob. Good cast here and a lot of familiar faces from previous mob movies which you can free download from Filmxy. Not bad. And actually kind of funny at times.


In short excellent film making, from script to casting and direction to sound track… One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. And it deserves a wide audience. Thanks to the people who made this film possible. Good to see that talent will be seen and heard on the screen.

Stars : Michael Pitt, Nina Arianda, Andy Garcia

Genre : Crime, Drama

Country : USA

Posted on: August 31st, 2014

Posted by: filmxy

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