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Prey (2019)

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PG-13 | IMDb 4.4/10 | 1hr 25 min

I decided to watch the film without looking at the rating first. After watching it, I was surprised and somewhat shocked to see a rather low rating here. Okay, so it’s not a blockbuster (and it’s not trying to be) – the plot is slow and yes there are plot holes, but compared to what’s out there, ‘Prey’ is a decent movie. I genuinely got a fright a few times. At one point I even found myself squinting because I was too afraid to watch. If you’re looking for a horror adventure that doesn’t rely on clich├ęs and unnecessary gore, ‘Prey’ is a must see. This page has prey 2019, watch online, prey 2019 free download, full movie hd.


After sitting through Sweetheart, which is basically the same movie, released the same year, and equally as boring. Pretty sure that it was also under the same production company as this. After 35 of Logan Miller stumbling around on a dessert island and that was it! Bit of suspenseful music, with nothing suspenseful happening. Off it went. I have no desire to find out what didn’t happen for the other 60 minutes. Filmxy has Prey (2019) Online Full Movie, Prey (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Logan Miller, Kristine Froseth, Jolene Anderson.

I’m a huge horror fan. I watch everything. I can’t remember the last time I turned something off for being so bad. And recently, the horror films have been very disappointing, but rarely do I turn them off.


I think this movie has some very few interesting moments and that covers all the good I can say about it. The biggest flaw is that the story itself is sloppy and quite mediocre. The ending, as others have pointed out, is pretty bad, but it’s no surprise as you can literally figure out the entire plot after 30 minutes of watching this film.

I think it could have been quite original and somehow interesting. It’s a shame that it turned out to be an awful film where the plot is just a mediocre blur. There are a few plot holes, but the real problem is that this film is unable to bring something scary and meaningful to the audience. It’s a waste of time and you’ll forget about it very soon.

Stars : Logan Miller, Kristine Froseth, Jolene Anderson

Genre : Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country : USA

Posted on: September 29th, 2019

Posted by: king

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