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Ox-Head Village (2022)

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Not Rated | IMDb 5.0/10 | 1 hr 54 min

I’m sitting here currently forced by my girlfriend to watch this rubbish. This movie suggestion may have just ended our relationship…The plot is boring, drawn out and utterly unbelievable. The production quality is poor, TV-drama-level at best. There’s not a single scare or spine chilling moment, and apparently flesh and bone are tougher than a falling elevator. Add on to that a few cheesy moments of ‘comedy’ and you get this disaster of a movie.This is coming from someone who has sat through plenty of other bad movies just for the bizzare moments…but this has to be the most unbearable 2 hours of film I’ve had to endure.

Stars : Kôki, Riku Hagiwara, Keiko Horiuchi, Kôki, Riku Hagiwara, Keiko Horiuchi

Genre : Horror, Mystery

Country : Japan

Posted on: June 29th, 2022

Posted by: shadow

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