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Mouthpiece (2018)

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NR | IMDb 6.4/10 | 1hr 31 min

Powerful, poignant, riveting, comedic. So many emotions play out in this movie. It speaks to women of all ages – and to men too, judging by the audience response. The soundtrack, almost all composed and performed by Amy Nostbakken, is masterful and moving, such an integral part of the production. This movie just grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let you go espcially when you free download it. It will stay with you long after the final credits have rolled so don’t be late, watch the full movie.


Emotional, funny, poignant, relevant. Mouthpiece is a file about the truly genuine human experience of losing a parent and grappling with the different sides of your personality to come to terms with who you are when that person is gone. If you are human, watch this Mouthpiece (2018).

Stars : Taylor Belle Puterman, Carlos Albornoz, Maev Beaty

Genre : Drama

Country : Canada

Posted on: November 6th, 2019

Posted by: shadow

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