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Mission Mangal (2019)

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Not Rated | IMDb 6.5/10 | 2h 10min

Why do you have to prepare for IIT when you can’t even write class tests properly. Just because your parents can afford the coaching fees, it doesn’t make you and IIT aspirant. You need to have the vision, intelligence, need, urge lots of things to be one. Coming to the he movie context Akshay Kumar with his team has taken Indian audiences for granted. This page has mission mangal 2019, watch online, mission mangal 2019 free download, full movie hd.


They think they will churn out idiotics in name of nationalism and patriotic that has nothing to do with a good cinema and will make hugeoney and name as well. Back to back similar nationalism in movies with over dose of entertainment and we have this mangal mission. When I saw the trailer, I felt insulted today he core. My brother in law works in DRDO and I have been there and I see and know how it feels to be an engineer and a scientist working on such mission critical assignments. This movie was and is a joke on scientists. Filmxy has Mission Mangal (2019) Online Full Movie, Mission Mangal (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 


Look at the characters, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya balans acting and mannerisms straight from her Shanti amla hair oil set, Akshay Kumar, straight from padman set. Look at the cinematography, the colors on screen, the script, the rest of th crew and the vision of director. Songs….are you serious? I left in Midway and came back as my office teammates asked to sit and end the torture so that we could go to a pub after this grave insult. Space and science movies with dose of comedy, songs and unwanted scenses and dialogs. 


These kind of movies make the whole world.think upon us about the vision and ideas we have in terms of creativity. Utter rubbish and disgrace to the team of Mars mission who were involved in the movie.

Bollywood can’t even make a proper horror movie, forget about epic ones. They took this topic and made it into a joke, just to make money as it’s still in our minds and public will take it as chandrayan 2 is still fresh. This is not cinema, this is clickbait and just to make Akshay and his team rich as fast as it can. Pathetic.

Stars : Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu

Genre : Drama, History

Country : India

Posted on: April 16th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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