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Meghnadbodh Rohoshyo (2017)

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Although the movie is set in modern times, the 70s era Naxalite movement is the central premise of the story, where Sabyasachi Chakraborty plays a former Naxalite, now an elite citizen of the society and an eminent author. While the movie does a good job in piquing the interest of the audience about the history of Naxal movement, it also makes some bold political commentary about the current political scene. This page has meghnadbodh rohoshyo 2017, watch online, meghnadbodh rohoshyo 2017 free download, full movie hd.


The reference to Michael Madhusudan Dutta’s most acclaimed work Meghnadbad Kabya was interesting, to say the least. However, a weak story with unnecessary subplots and more than a few loose ends left a lot to be desired. Yet, it is definitely worth a watch, thanks to the brilliant dialogue writing, in true Anik Dutta style, and, more importantly, the political commentary which makes the movie really stand out, elevating it above the realm of an ordinary thriller. Filmxy has Meghnadbodh Rohoshyo (2017) Online Full Movie, Meghnadbodh Rohoshyo (2017) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Bhaskar Banerjee, Sanjay Biswas.


I think it is a politically significant movie and a must watch for everybody. The movie is very fast paced which makes it difficult at times to grasp what is going on and, as I had said before, the unnecessary subplots add to the confusion. The ending may not be liked by all as it doesn’t say what happened to the protagonist in the end but the observant viewer will realize that what happened to him isn’t the main angle of the story – what is far more important is the political message the movie conveys and it does that well. Remember this page has meghnadbodh rohoshyo 2017, watch online, meghnadbodh rohoshyo 2017 free download, full movie hd.


A bit of political awareness and a basic knowledge of the Meghnadbad Kabya (a piece from which was there in the plus 2 syllabus of Bengal board) are recommended prerequisites for watching this movie. On a completely different note, I was surprised to see many of the dialogues in English. Some of the exchanges were fully in the queen’s language while in some at least half of the lines were spoken in English.


If this was meant to be a thriller I must say I was not too thrilled. Well definitely better directed than most of what gets churned out from the Bengali movie industry, it failed to live up to my expectations. And if I add the general gleanings from the conversations while the crowd broke up after the screening, I would say it disappointed many. 


Because this was meant to be a thriller I will not spill the beans, but the script could have been much better. There are so many characters who were unnecessary and only added to the flab the script could have done without. The movie was just too long and felt long. The film did not have a proper closure. If the director planned to leave it to the audience to complete it for themselves, I must say that for me it was more of a failure than an intellectual twist. Talking of intellectual overtures, the film is overdone with them, so much that it starts to jar. 


The investigating cops, with the sidekick habitually mispronouncing English words, were too similar to a duo from another franchisee, and in my opinion was in bad taste. Acting ranged from rather good from Sabyasachi and Gargi to acceptable in Abir and many of the minor characters to wanting in others. Music by Debajyoti Mishra was mostly good. Meghnadbadh Rahashya is definitely worth a watch. But if you go in expecting something very good, I am afraid you might be disappointed.

Stars : Anindya Pulak Banerjee, Bhaskar Banerjee, Sanjay Biswas

Genre : Thriller

Country : India

Posted on: June 7th, 2020

Posted by: filmxy

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