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The fisherman Peroá and his assistant Cavalo Cansado are fishing in a boat but they do not find any school of peroá (a Brazilian fish from Espírito Santo state). However they fish a ray and a strange creature that bites the arm of Peroá. They drop the creature into the sea and return to the village in the countryside where they live. They sell the few fishes that they have caught and Peroá goes home. His wife Indiara sews his arm and goes to the local bar tot buy meat for the lunch of her family. The owner of the bar, Otto, is a good man that buys the ray from a dealer and asks his employee Albino to clean the fish. Albino is a weird man that likes the occultism and has a crush on Indiara. He leaves the ray outside the bar to help her and the fish vanishes. Cavalo Cansado also likes Indiara and he disputes her attention with Albino. Indiara is invited by her neighbor and friend to work in the kitchen of the Sururu's Club, owned by Madame Ursula, in the opening night of the cabaret. ...

Posted on: June 29th, 2015

Posted by: king

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