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There’s some wacky stuff you can find on YouTube. This fact is well-known. I’m not sure how long that will last since YouTube’s been pissing off creators these past few years, but I digress. Amongst the unusual things you’ll find on the site are challenges in the veins of try not to laugh or cry at what you see for a certain period of time. And to give credit where it’s due, that’s not a bad idea for a challenge. This page has like a boss 2020, watch online, like a boss 2020 free download, full movie hd.

You could extend this challenge to more than just random 10-30 second clips like they’re currently doing with said videos online. You can apply that type of contest to whatever movies you watch in the multiplex or at home. It’s an inspired test of stamina to be sure. And I personally suggest that those interested in trying this task out should look to “Like a Boss” as the feature to test this out on. Filmxy has Like a Boss (2020) Online Full Movie, Like a Boss (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle.

Because believe me, it’s a fairly easy task to accomplish. Besides, that’s the only reason a chick flick such as this one could even remotely justify its existence. Because for a movie that is obviously inspired by the success of “Bridesmaids” and all those similarly raunchy chick flicks we’ve been getting since then, “Like a Boss” somehow fails at even earning its R rating. Also Filmxy has like a boss 2020, watch online, like a boss 2020 free download, full movie hd.

This film is neither mature nor interesting enough to make fans of this subgenre subject themselves to it. This statement would still apply if it instead came out 15 years ago alongside the crappy rom coms at the time. At best, the closest I came to laughing at this film was with almost letting out a measly smirk at a line or two for Jennifer Coolidge. At worst, my face was tired from wincing and squinting in disgust.

This film is just an excuse for some petty and obnoxious women to literally throw shade at one another, perform lackluster slapstick, and lay on the sass talk so thick that you’ll develop a natural aversion to it. Tiffany Haddish’s stereotypical sassy black character in particular is extremely annoying and repetitive.

It’s the same problem with her repeated ad nauseum throughout the whole story. She’s not open-minded and always suspects something fishy. That’s it. Her repetitive nature, constantly unamusing pop culture references and ear-piercingly runny mouth aside, Haddish’s character is highly unlikable since she doesn’t do a single nice thing throughout the whole movie. Not one. And even if she did, we never see it. We just only hear other characters saying so. Not a strong argument in my book.

Whatever story is there isn’t very well constructed at all. Changes in motivations aren’t earned or properly set up. Sometimes, they’re even hand waved away and completely forgotten about. The cliched story is content to just go through the motions, complete with the usually annoying third-act contrivances. This typical third-act recipe frankly should have been abandoned years ago and yet they still haven’t let go, or in this case done any variation on the formula. It ruins the experience further.

Even more offensive is what the film does with the message it’s attempting to get across. Our leads believe in their clients being the best version of themselves without changing to appease the high standards of those whose standards are unrealistic. But not only do they fail at following their own advice that they’re giving to everyone else, but they somehow don’t seem like the kind of people that should be giving that advice to begin with, especially Haddish.

There’s a scene early on where our leads are smoking pot in the bedroom of their friend’s baby. Don’t ask why, for I never got an answer to that question myself. We only see our leads show up to their place of work together seemingly whenever it suits them. Our leads eventually go to the corporate woman’s workplace to confront her personally. Haddish makes a scene by attempting to escape by a long curtain that is several stories high. And later, she ends up breaking drones and eventually glass walls.

Whatever good intentions are trying to get out from underneath the film or indeed the motivations of its characters are promptly undermined by the film itself. And to think this film was released in January, a time of year that is notorious for piss-poor quality filmmaking. I can’t even begin to imagine why a film such as “Like a Boss” was released during this timeframe.

If history has taught me anything, it’s that chick flicks can be done correctly. As long as they have a good story to tell and the execution is handled with care and love for its audience, I can watch a chick flick if it’s done right. If it ends up being a film like this as well as other poor imitations of the success of “Bridesmaids”, then stop this useless drama queen train, because I want to get off.

Stars : Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Melissa Saint-Amand

Genre : Comedy

Country : USA

Posted on: April 7th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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