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Holly Star (2018)

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PG | IMDb 6.0/10 | 1hr 31 min

Returning home as an adult is never easy. When you’re a dedicated puppeteer whose last job has dried up, leaving you broke and alone, where else do you go? Then you find out your parents have left town for the holidays, making you responsible for your crazy grandma. The catastrophes pile on from there, abetted by a nutty best friend with a paintball fixation and a childhood sweetheart determined to save you from yourself. This page has holly star 2018, watch online, holly star 2018 free download, full movie hd.

There’s a mystery, touches of personal history, some broad physical humour, and the usual triumph of seasonal joy to round off this surprisingly twisty script. The puppet sequences add a surreal quality. Filmxy has Holly Star (2018) Online Full Movie, Holly Star (2018) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Katlyn Carlson, Michael A. Nickles, Erik Van Wyck.


I loved this movie. It was funny and it had heart (something to say). The puppets were also a great touch to represent the main character’s psyche. And it had a surprising ending. Also surprising: it wasn’t sappy or Hallmarky. Yes, it was genuine but it was original. Script, acting, cinematography, music, pacing-just well done.


For someone who’s been watching a lot of Hallmark movies this was a breath of fresh air. The characters are interesting and funny. Not sure if the script is tolerable or if the actors are just good enough to cover it. It’s well-edited so that the story is cohesive. The puppet elements make it quirky and playful. Now it’s not perfect and there are some overly cheesy moments. But, the characters felt so real and like someone your could know.

Stars : Katlyn Carlson, Michael A. Nickles, Erik Van Wyck

Genre : Comedy

Country : USA

Posted on: July 30th, 2019

Posted by: king

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