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Hit-and-Run Squad (2019)

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N/A | IMDb 5.4/10 | 2hr 13 min

It is a good action thriller especially having sports car racing sequences. The story of a mad but clever sports car racer, Jung-Suk Jo ( Jung Jae-chul) who is responsible for intentionally dashing by his car and police squad for hit and run cases where a brilliant cop, Jun-yeol-Ryn ( Seo Min-jae) analysing every case with his investigation and getting perfect guessed results and demoted lady officer, Hyo-Jin Kons. This page has hit-and-run squad 2019, watch online, hit-and-run squad 2019 free download, full movie hd.


One day mad driver killed his father by car accident, then Seo is seeking his revenge, but some situations do not let him to do. What is the end and you can see the movie.  Filmxy has Hit-and-Run Squad (2019) Online Full Movie, Hit-and-Run Squad (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 


Good story and good action. Car chasing scenes are fantastic and highlight of the movie. Characters are having uncertain behaviour and wonder you often. Acting by bad boy is brilliant and rest are just okay. End is open for might sequel, but it is Korean movie and Korean gets sequels are rare.


Hit and Run Squad had a nice idea about the plot. However, it felt like that idea got lost. I liked that the story had a main lead but a hidden lead as well. And the performances from all the actors and actresses were really good.  


However, some scenes were confusing and they made it difficult to understand the whole story. But, the action scenes were enjoyable as well as the car chasing scenes that were exciting and entertaining. So, six out of ten, because, even though the cinematography and the performances were good, the story felt a bit short.

Stars : Hyo-Jin Kong, Jun-yeol Ryu, Jung-suk Jo

Genre : Action, Crime

Country : South Korea

Posted on: February 13th, 2020

Posted by: shadow

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