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Haunted Road 2 (2017)

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Then all of a sudden nearly by the middle of the movie it slows down…gets redundant, annoying and very predictable by the over used dull yet unrealistic hero character type, the type that knows it all, never fails and will accomplish anything. Beside the fact that it was falsely classified as horror and it has nothing to do with this genre! The dramatic plot is ridiculously idiotic, the reason why behind the film is completely unbelievable and unrealistic, the fighting scenes were lame as they lack any logic or credibility due to the hero never fails concept. Not to mention, the extremely stupid and predictable ending which was spotted a mile ahead. This page has haunted road 2 2017, watch online, haunted road 2 2017 free download, full movie hd.


It took me a while to watch this based on reviews and all the political nonsense, but I am so happy I changed my mind. One of the most entertaining movies I’ve seen in the last year. While there are political undertones and references, they’re not over played and it adds to the entertainment. I highly recommend this movie. It’s good for some laughs, and isn’t light on the action. Filmxy has Haunted Road 2 (2017) Online Full Movie, Haunted Road 2 (2017) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Teddy Chin, Chuan Li, Sushar Manaying.


This film is great escapist fun that also satirizes the our bizarrely extreme cultural divide. It is refreshing to be able to bring gonzo humor and over the top gore as a way to step back from the mindless anger and group think. On top of that, Betty Gilpin’s brilliantly played Crystal Creasy is something unique to film. While ostensibly written as a familiar Mary Sue able to kick any ass and beat down any threat, Crystal is a sardonic participant in a mad mad world. Highly intelligent yet without affectations, she really does not give a damn why everyone is trying to kill her. She is also the one character in the movie who does not comfortably fit into the extreme left or right stereotypes in spite of all the superficial appearances to the contrary. I also credit the writers Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof for being willing to subversively skewer their own. Their sharpest barbs are reserved for their fellow Elites while the Deplorables are mostly just one dimensional cartoonish characters rarely provided with more depth than the aptly hilariously named Yoga Pants or Shut Up Gary. On the other hand, the elite hunters characters are fleshed out with many little details and conceits familiar to those who travel in similar circles. Athena babbles on tritely and unoriginally about the singular importance of cutting tomatoes with a bread knife and using Gruyere in her grilled cheese sandwich speech which takes place in the mansion she keeps insisting is NOT A MANOR! She and her compatriots toss off Animal Farm Snowball references as a sort of intellectual adornment, insult, and shibboleth while revealing that they understand next to nothing about a book they were probably once forced to read in some boring English class.

Stars : Teddy Chin, Chuan Li, Sushar Manaying

Genre : Horror

Country : China, Malaysia, Thailand

Posted on: June 11th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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