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Glory Day (2015)

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PG-13 | IMDb 6.0/10 | 1 hr 33 min

Here I’m back to review a Korean film. I have seen hundreds of Korean films, but seems I have never seen a story about youngsters like this one. Or probably not in a long time. An interesting storyline, written and directed by a debutant filmmaker. My first impression was the Korean version of ‘Interrogation’. Well, almost looked like one. Only it was less violent. It is one of those films, some people could feel uncomfortable watching, because of the overwhelming annoyance of negativity or tortures. If you have seen ‘Brokedown Palace’, you will get it. But there are many other similar flicks that you could be familiar with a few. This page has glory day 2015, watch online, glory day 2015 free download, full movie hd.

It was not a straight narration. Often revealed recent past events to make the story straight. It all begins when four friends chased by the cops on the foot in a late night street. That looked fun, but it was not. Because the story takes a twist on the earliest. One of them got into an accident. So their getaway ends there. Now being caught, the film set to reveal why they were running away from the cops. It was a slow interrogation. Meanwhile, the four boys’ individual lives briefed. Where they were coming from, their family, the social status and why they have ended in another town. Filmxy has Glory Day (2015) Online Full Movie, Glory Day (2015) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Ji Soo, Jun-Myon Kim, Jun-Yeol Ryu

The film did not dig deep enough on everybody, except surrounding the mystery on what the film is dealing with. It shows the strength of their friendship. When one of them got seriously injured, how solidly they stood for him and each other. Well, that’s what they wanted to do, but they have entangled with the complication in the police station. Their effort to make the cops to understand what really had happened, especially their parents intervene to free them, seems nothing’s working. It went on like that, but at some stage, it’s set to test their friendship bond. The bond of a very long relationship. From there, where it all heads were a little emotional conclusion.

No matter who’s the filmmaker, even if he’s a newcomer or a big shot, high or small budget film, or there any familiar faces around, the Korean films all are almost has the same vibe. I mean any story, any situation turned to be so hard hitting that would remain in our minds for a very long time even after finished watching. Take an example of this film, it had a simple story. The developments were nothing other than going back to just a few hours earlier to reveal important parts. There was no twist like that going to flip the entire event before the end. But still it had one twist, in the form of the other way around, which steered it towards the emotional side.

When it comes the emotions, not a typical tearjerker I have been expecting. Because truthfully, I wanted it to be that way, ready to compromise with cliches. So they knew the viewers would expect it, hence the story ended differently. As for me, it is not just under-rated film, but also under-noticed decent film. If I meant decent, that’s it was a much, much better film. Definitely slow moving, but that’s the way it is and worked out well. All the lead actors were good, even those are in small roles. Surprisingly, for such an intentional drama, the film had been just a 90 minutes long. Why surprised? Because I have seen an usual Korean film’s average length is very close to two hours or just above.

I have read some negative remarks, but one should focus well enough to understand completely. It’s not about tough platform, but watching it undisturbed could ensure there’s nothing wrong with the film. Only they have failed to acknowledge it. There’s nothing much movement in the narration like stunt sequences. Everything was conversation and/or interrogation. The drama. But major uncertain is every key event that could possibly solve the puzzle were kept locked away. Something they wanted to tell like from the real world perspective. Especially in the aspect of arrogant cops and self rescuing parents. It’s totally hard truth that’s depicted nicely in this cinematic version. If you are asking my opinion, I absolutely say go for it.

Stars : Ji Soo, Jun-Myon Kim, Jun-Yeol Ryu

Genre : Drama

Country : South Korea

Posted on: July 17th, 2020

Posted by: spiderman

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