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Gemini Man (2019)

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PG-13 | IMDb 5.7/10 | 1hr 57 min

This movie is a step in the right direction for Big Willie prior to the disaster which was After Earth. I think people are being way too harsh on this movie because it’s a Will Smith movie which can enjoyed watching online. It almost like they wanted this movie to flop compared to the overrated Joker movie. And to be honest i free downloaded the movie Gemini Man. When these same critics praised Rambo: The Last Blood which I enjoyed but it was also a standard action flick. What I loved about this film was the all star cast with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Toast, Benedict Wong as the pilot friend Baron, and Will Smith as Henry (older Will Smith)/ Junior (clone Will Smith). Also Clive Owen as the bad guy Clay. I also liked we got some classic Will Smith and I found myself laughing a different moments throughout the film. The cast had pretty good chemistry and the character of Junior had some depth in discovering who he really was and what he was designed to be by his father Clay. This movie was like an inferior version of I Am Legend and The 6th Day. So, I hope this movie first week failure which will be recouped once the film goes overseas will not hinder Will Smith from returning to his glory days as the twenty million dollar man, the box office king, the leading man A-list actor, and the number one movie at the box office. He’s heading back in the right direction, but has to pick better directors with better scripts and better writing. Regardless of how good he is as an actor, he can only carry a film so much. I hope the billion Aladdin made earlier this year is enough of a cushion.


Now, onto the bad parts. The CGI was overhyped. Will Smith kept talking about how the character of Junior was the first 100% CGI character,, while everyone else was thinking, “Oh, they shaved his beard.” Will Smith has aged well, used some Photoshop to smooth out the wrinkles here and there, add a flat top, and you have a 20 year old Will Smith without the high cost of CGI. The CGI looks unspectacular. The night scenes were better, but in this day scenes, you can see it’s a CGI character, equivalent to a video game character. We checked out the movie because it was Will Smith. It probably would have been better if Will Smith just played a double of himself like Arnie did in the 6th day. The CGI was an unnecessary gimmick.


Nothing is wrong with the script, but it was too generic for an overhyped movie. This movie script went through production hell, rewrites, and multiple actors being linked to the role for years. To get this script greenlit, the producers banked on Will Smith’s star power. Yet, even with Will’s charisma and acting his butt off, even the best of actors can’t save a mediocre script and chunky dialogue. This goes the same for the rest of the cast. Clive Owen’s talent is wasted here as a generic villain. The characters aren’t given much to do and the script became confused with its message it was trying to convey and contradicted itself sometimes.


Yet. it wasn’t a bad movie. Just mediocre and a movie you have seen a doesn’t time. It had the potential to be above average if it focused less on the gimmicks and more on the story. The action scenes, the cast, and the cinematography were fine. Yet, the script could have been so much better. If this script was as strong as the cast, then it would have been a better, deeper movie.

Stars : Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen

Genre : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Country : China, USA

Posted on: November 20th, 2019

Posted by: spiderman

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