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For Love or Money A Poker Documentary (2019)

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An inside look as two professional poker players, Chris Leong and Stanley Lee, attempt to win poker’s most coveted prize… a World Series of Poker bracelet. Appearances include players such as Michael Rocco, Tommy Angelo, 2017 WPT World Champion Asher Conniff, and 2017 WSOP Main Event Champion Scott Blumstein. This page has for love or money a poker documentary 2019, watch online, for love or money a poker documentary 2019 free download, full movie hd


First episode was really interesting. As someone who read a lot about organized crime, especially in USA, I was surprised by some new details that I did not know. In the end, it was really well made. But there are several things I completely did not like. First of all, where is Bonnano crime family? All we hear the whole show is how they got “Big Five”, but always mention only four. Filmxy has For Love or Money A Poker Documentary (2019) Online Full Movie, For Love or Money A Poker Documentary (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Tommy Angelo, Michael Azzaro, Thomas Bailey


You know why? Because Bonanno was not actually in the Commission at that moment in time (read about 1963 plot and Donnie Brasko). So basically they went off easily in the end. And Bonnano were very ruthless and huge family, who got even stronger in the 90s (I believe in part because all the other families had to recover after the Commission trials). But because that would not sound so cool, that the biggest blow was on four out of five, we never hear about them. Secondly, it astonished me how they talked about John Gotti. The man was basically THE boss of New York. He was mentioned couple of times, but we also never hear directly how huge he got after killing his boss. And my biggest complaint is of course about Fat Tony Salerno. All three episodes we hear about how they got the boss of one of the most powerfull families. And he did do a lot of nasty crime, but what we NEVER hear about is that he was not actually the boss. He was just a front, a relay to the real one – Lombardo and then Gigante. If you watched Sopranos, he was basically Uncle Junior. And this could have easily be mentioned, that would show that Mafia can still elude some justice. But all we hear about how they got the boss, when actual leader was still free (while Salerno got 100 years).

Stars : Tommy Angelo, Michael Azzaro, Thomas Bailey

Genre : Documentary

Country : USA

Posted on: August 17th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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