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Firstness (2021)

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N/A | IMDb 5.8/10 | 1 hr 18 min

A maladjusted dad (TIM KINSELLA) is trying to heal in an experimental therapy group called Infinite Beginnings. Meanwhile, his non-binary kid (SPENCER JORDING) is getting close with an older man (CALEB CABRERA). Their relationship feels both dreamy and concerning-depending on who’s watching.Firstness captures the beauty, fear, heartbreak, and comedy threaded in our daily lives. It is a story of unlikely friendships forged in difficult times. It is a story of love. But mostly, it is a story of firstness. The cinematography is epic. The storylines and writing keep you enthralled until the very end at which point you want even more. Whether you are a movie buff or simply someone who enjoys a great story, all will enjoy this movie. The director, Brielle Brilliant, has risen to the challenge of her last name – she has created a brilliant work of art. And the cast delivered exceptional performances, including Anna Zhang,Tim Kinsella, Alex Jording, and Caleb Cabrera.

Stars : Tim Kinsella, Spencer Jording, Caleb Cabrera, Tim Kinsella, Spencer Jording, Caleb Cabrera

Genre : Drama

Country : United States

Posted on: March 27th, 2022

Posted by: Bad Boy

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