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Eyes of the Dead (2015)

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N/A | IMDb 5.2/10 | 1 hr 22 min

After a plague of zombies invades a family’s once-peaceful hometown, the havoc they wreak is deadly. Eyes of the Dead is a zombie thriller that immerses the audience in a pulse-pounding, innovative survival experience. Relying heavily on practical special effects and a POV perspective, what you see on camera is what was filmed on that fateful day of the zombie invasion. Don’t get fooled by the trailer and the 6.5 rating. I almost purchased this movie but rented it instead. This page has eyes of the dead 2015, watch online, eyes of the dead 2015 free download, full movie hd.


The acting was worse than amateurish, and the writing was beyond incoherent. This was a film that attempts to combine domestic drama, government conspiracy and a zombie apocalypse which was a failure on every count. AVOID THIS MOVIE LIKE THE PLAGUE! (no pun intended). Eddie (Ben Samuels ) is depressed and depressing. They live outside of Doylestown, Pa. in a farm community that just got dusted by a drone. Bam! Flesh-eating zombies. Since it was caused by a chemical and not a virus I am not sure how it spreads from bites. First person novels are okay. First person films suck. The entire film is seen through the eyes of Eddie (not Henry) as if someone decided a great way to make a feature-length film is to use a head cam. It is not. Filmxy has Eyes of the Dead (2015) Online Full Movie, Eyes of the Dead (2015) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Rosebud Baker, Matt Riker, Ben Samuels.


It is worse than a handheld camera, found footage films. Initially then I will say that “Eyes of the Dead” was off to an interesting start. But it was short-lived, the whole POV – Point of View – aspect of the movie, was fun at first as it had a zombie shooter game feel to it, but it quickly became tiring and annoying. And also the fact that the zombies were fast and agile runners that sounded like ferocious predators just didn’t really work for me. I will say, however, that “Eyes of the Dead” does have heart and spirit, and it shows that this is a project made by people with a genuine interest in the zombie genre. Just a shame that the movie was ruined by stuff that could have been avoided or changed. As for the storyline, well you shouldn’t expect that the writer and director is about to revolutionize the zombie genre. No, the storyline was pretty straight forward, generic actually, come to think of it. The acting in the movie was good. I enjoy watching actors and actresses on the screen that I haven’t seen before, and I must say that “Eyes of the Dead” definitely gave me an abundance of unfamiliar faces to behold. People were doing good enough jobs with their given roles and characters, despite having a mundane script working against them. I am rating “Eyes of the Dead” a four out of ten stars, it was mostly the spirit and effort put into the movie that made me raise my initial rating of three to a four. While hardly an outstanding addition to the zombie genre, “Eyes of the Dead” is adequate enough for a single viewing.

Stars : Rosebud Baker, Matt Riker, Ben Samuels

Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller

Country : Canada, USA

Posted on: June 11th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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