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‘Drive Me to the End’ centers around Ryan (Richard Summers-Calvert) and Sunny (Kate Lister), estranged family members who find themselves car-sharing to a funeral in Scotland. With both Ryan dealing with the inevitable death of his mother (Tracey Wilkinson) and Sunny being on the Autism Spectrum, they only have 3 days to feel comfortable in each other’s company while feeling comfortable in their own skin. Also starring Claire King, Bryn Hodgen, David Bower and Bhasker Patel. The new United Kingdom drama “Drive Me to the End” chronicles the adventures of a pair of total strangers hitting the highway for a funeral despite neither knowing the deceased. Sound just a few paces off the beaten path? Righto, mate. This page has drive me to the end 2020, watch online, drive me to the end 2020 free download, full movie hd.


Your story appears to be based, at least in part, on your life. I believe that is your mother you pay tribute to at the end of the film. My deepest condolences. Having recently lost my precious mom, this really hit home. Please share the background and inspiration for creating “Drive Me to the End”. There is no denying that “Drive Me to the End” is massively inspired by my Mum, Kelly Summers-Calvert. She is and will continue to be a huge inspiration to me. She struggled through a tough childhood and with unrelenting drive became an actor, a stunt woman, a radio presenter and more. My father too, Rod Calvert, earned an OBE for his dedication in his chosen career. They are both huge influences as to why I felt I could take this film on in the first place. Filmxy has Drive Me to the End (2020) Online Full Movie, Drive Me to the End (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Kate Lister, Richard Summers-Calvert, Tracey Wilkinson.


Regarding my Mum’s influence on the story itself, “Drive Me to the End” is, primarily, about the positives of communication. Later in life my Mum became a psychotherapist and motivational speaker. She was a huge advocate of the power of the mind, positivity and spent a lot of her time humanizing the struggles we all go through. Growing up with her words in my ear inspired me to take an interest in people and how the human mind works. I know that the more I learn about the human mind, the more I’ll be able to connect with people through film. The mother role within “Drive Me to the End” has cancer. Definitely a slight reflection of my mother’s own battle with cancer. This experience certainly influenced Ryan’s reasons behind his issues with communication. I think this is the purest example in the film of a point of view that isn’t focused on enough in cinema; those who are forced to see their loved ones deteriorate every single day, that is a struggle many don’t seem to delve into and yet it can be a huge strain on people’s mental health. “Drive Me to the End” also touches upon depression, something which I can relate to personally. The vital moments that helped me through my depression initially were when I forced myself to open up to my three best friends and my incredibly supportive father, which wasn’t easy. They listened and opened up in return. That allowed me to process my negative thoughts and subsequently push forwards. I will never forget that. Film is precious and powerful and the thought of people watching my film and it resonating with them sends chills down my spine. I’ve been unfortunate and fortunate enough to go through depression. That may sound odd, but because I have experienced that, I am better equipped to help others through it. Therefore I feel I feel a strong want to relate to, motivate and entertain others who may be struggling mentally and to do that, I choose film as my platform. 


I have many friends with autism who sit at various points on the spectrum. In my spare time I travel the UK as a professional wrestler and many people in that community are on the spectrum. As you get to know people who have autism, you start to pick up how they process things and therefore you learn how to communicate specifically with them. You start to understand why maybe they’re being blunt or why they don’t quite understand that you’re offended or even happy. Ultimately, autistic, not autistic, we all have very human struggles and therefore we have to be able to communicate with each other to cope with these struggles therefore we have to learn! Yes I am familiar with autism, I did an immense amount of research, talked to many of my friends and their parents, so I could accurately represent some of those struggles on screen, I’m sure many people on the spectrum face some of the subjects portray in the film every single day. I am hoping the film also provides a voice, through Kate Lister’s depiction of ‘Sunny’, to help prove that the way someone on the spectrum communicates has zero impact on their motivations, dreams and goals. Of course it’s hard to portray autism in its entirety as the spectrum is so vast, but I picked a point on the spectrum, stuck with it. All I hope is that it is relatable to as many people as possible and I have done those on the spectrum justice. Hopefully, without shoving it down people’s throats, this film can help ‘lift the curtain’ and raise awareness for autism in a fun, entertaining manner! If so, that’s a wild achievement. I am particularly drawn to independent film. There are so many creative artists like yourself making absorbing and well produced projects. As an American, it would be interesting to learn your evaluation of the indie film industry in The UK as someone fully engaged in it? What encourages you for the future of the genre in the region? 


John I love you for asking this! Independent film is the BEST genre. All my favorite films have a very ‘indie film’ vibe, such as “Drinking Buddies”, “Skeleton Twins”, “The Breakfast Club”, and “Friends with Kids”. I will always be drawn to films that are led by a raw, honest story and well done character development that unfolds before your eyes and many Indie Films nail this side of storytelling. Is that due to a smaller budget? Maybe sometimes, but when you have to work with less, it forces you to adapt and get the story and messages across in a different unique way without all the smoke and mirrors and many-a-time that story will then eclipse those with the million pound budgets. I really do feel that we managed to do that with “Drive Me to the End”. Something I love about Indie Films is the reliance on the cast. With a smaller budget you may find the camera staying on the actors for longer and that is in no way a bad thing, because it means we get some truly mesmerizing performances. My favorite thing about this is that it usually means we are treated to little inconspicuous human nuances that we can relate to from our day to day conversations! When these reveal themselves, they rip away the veil of that blunt ‘Hollywood’ dialogue and leave us with raw, realistic moments. THAT is relatable! THAT will hook you! Why many high-end cinematic productions choose to cut gold like that is beyond me. Regarding the future of Indie Filmmakers, it’s really exciting because those ideals and experiences that come from working on films with a lower budget tend to transfer into higher budget films when you have that luxury. A beautiful story with great characters told in a unique way is now painted with a higher production value. Better that way round than the other in my opinion.

Stars : Kate Lister, Richard Summers-Calvert, Tracey Wilkinson

Genre : Drama

Country : UK

Posted on: June 26th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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