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Deadly Switch (2019)

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NR | IMDb 4.5/10 | 1hr 37 min

There’s a lot of disparaging remarks about this movie already so I’m the devil’s advocate from the get go. This page has deadly switch 2019, watch online, deadly switch 2019 free download, full movie hd.

Whilst this movie isnt’ going to knock your socks off, I think it brought back some of the things I’ve missed in thriller movies – a proper ending, no major fantastical plot holes that would have stopped the entire movie from starting, no poor character backgrounds required to explain why the characters are acting suspicious. I think it’s biggest drawback is that the very blurb tells you that something is going to happen, so you’re sitting back, just waiting for it. Filmxy has Deadly Switch (2019) Online Full Movie, Deadly Switch (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Hayley McLaughlin, Danika Yarosh, Dylan Walsh

I get the feeling that the creators were going for “lets go for a straightforward thiller thats B rated” and in that way I think they achieved it effectively. If you seriously expecting something more from a blurb that starts wtih “In this indie thriller…” then you were misguided from the start.

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE plot holes, there are wierd story twists but compared to so many crappy thrillers being released, the standards have dropped a bit so this one makes the cut in my books.

Is it worth a watch Netflix? Definately. Is it worth watching with a group of friends seriously? Only if you all love the genre. Am I being kind? No, there are a rediculous amount of lazy thriller movies out there now that don’t even bother having an ending or hope their cheesy special effects will impress. These creators came with a goal in mind and achieved it.


I respect anyone that can make an indie film, it is so hard to do. But just because you write a script doesn’t make it good enough to spend money on and film. This was an odd one for me. It would work for a Lifetime movie of the week, so really it was made in the wrong decade. It would have done well make in 1993 but doesn’t hold up to its competition in 2019.

Stars : Hayley McLaughlin, Danika Yarosh, Dylan Walsh

Genre : Mystery, Thriller

Country : USA

Posted on: June 8th, 2019

Posted by: king

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