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Cutie Honey: Live Action (2004)

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I agree with the other reviewer, i think James totally missed the point! The idea as far as I can tell was to make a live action anime, it was a parody not a serious movie. The way the characters are posed, in particular the journalist, and one scene where a character has a megaphone covering her mouth was a nod to the way animation is shot-ie exaggerated poses, and objects over mouths to save on animation costs. This page has cutie honey: live action 2004, watch online, cutie honey: live action 2004 free download, full movie hd.


It was supposed to be a large poke of fun at the silliness of magic girl anime series and anime standards, like a live action version of excel saga! I enjoyed it greatly, and laughed the whole way through, i suppose if you have seen the original series its difficult not to get precious about it. But for someone who has watched a lot of anime, it was enjoyable for all the references to other series and the way a master of the medium can poke fun at his own creations.The performances were good and in a way perfectly studied, they all acted like anime characters, which was the point, Anno was having a dig at how simplistic a lot of characters in anime are and in particular female characters. Filmxy has Cutie Honey: Live Action (2004) Online Full Movie, Cutie Honey: Live Action (2004) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Eriko Satô, Mikako Ichikawa, Jun Murakami


I agree the end with Sister Jill was a bit sappy but again i thought he was trying to make a point about soppy endings to anime series, as well as obviously trying to fill his need to have some comment on human nature in all his productions! All in all a highly enjoyable film! Also You will find cutie honey: live action 2004, watch online, cutie honey: live action 2004 free download, full movie hd.


I remember seeing posters for this in the weeks leading to the cinema release, and well … Cutey Honey’s outfit is pretty darn cute .. I have a figurine on my window that I got with a box of fizzy candy – much to my girlfriend’s ire. Next to ninja’s, cute chic’s in revealing armour highly rate with me, so I was instantly intrigued. I was familiar with the source material, and the the director (of Evangellion and Nadia fame) and I knew that this film had a very unique visual style, but I still wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed when I finally put the disc in the slot and hit play.

This film IS Live Action Anime to the Nth degree! It lives and breaths anime craziness, and over the top silliness. Honey’s facial expressions are something straight out of an SD anime. From the opening scene this film is an anime joy – yet live action. It’s a nutty film, and it had me chuckling constantly. I would love to show this to friends of mine, but I know they’d look at me strangely and try and lock me away. Cutey Honey won’t be appreciated by everyone, but I think that anime fans, with an open mind will really dig this film.In the back of my mind a voice told me that I was not supposed to like this film, but try as it did, it couldn’t pull me away. I was hooked .. right until the end.

It’s strange that .. on first look, and without proper perspective, this film look bad. Everyone over-acts, and there are more butt and cleavage shots than you can shake a stick at – very much an exploitative fan service vehicle. Many viewers I assume would get so many bad Power Ranger flash backs that it’d hard for them to keep watching. Watch it in the right context however and you will see genius! Well maybe that is taking it too far, but Hideaki Anno and the team that worked on this film should be praised for creating the closest live-action rendition of anime I have ever seen. It has all the ingredients, crazy over the top expressions, a VERY cute scantily clad girl, and ultra-surreal bad-guys, including bondage’ish outfits and an androgynous male villain.

It’s all there. Until I find out later down the track that the film contained subliminal hypnotising messages, I will say that I really liked this film, but that I still can’t really work out why I did so much. Cutey Honey is for anime fans, and I think anyone else would struggle a little to accept this film’s wild personality.

Stars : Eriko Satô, Mikako Ichikawa, Jun Murakami

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Country : Japan

Posted on: September 24th, 2019

Posted by: king

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