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This was an exciting thing for me. I, like most people, had heard of Hamilton. It was/is a HUGE phenomenon on Broadway and launched the careers of some incredible people. Miranda is always the fun, quirky, goofy musical wizard that pops up in shows now and then. Leslie Odom Jr. has always had this impishly wicked energy to him. Oh, and lets not forget Daveed Diggs, the up and comer who, after Blindspotting and a couple other things, I would watch in just about anything. This page has coup 53 2019, watch online, coup 53 2019 free download, full movie hd


Unfortunately, I live light years away from any decent stage so the odds of me seeing this in real life seemed like something that may just never happen. Enter the magical world of Disney and I am given the opportunity to finally experience the phenomenon myself, albeit not in the original form. Of course, with all the build up and all the hype, I was worried it couldn’t possibly measure up. Now, to be perfectly honest, I knew next to nothing about this before watching it. Filmxy has Coup 53 (2019) Online Full Movie, Coup 53 (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Ralph Fiennes, Walter Murch, Taghi Amirani


I knew that Miranda created it, I knew Diggs was in it and I had some vague notion that it was about Alexander Hamilton, the founding father, and that it was a musical. I know that might seem like a lot and yet when this kicked off I felt completely blindsided by what I got. The music was catchy in a way I hadn’t anticipated, to the point that I’m listening to the soundtrack right now as I write this out. The performances were full of life and energy and charisma, every character so wonderfully brought to life with Miranda and the performer’s visions. Though, I have to say that Jonathan Groff as King George was an absolute scene stealer every second he was on stage. There are two magic tricks I think Hamilton not only pulls off, but pulls off effortlessly. First, the cast is remarkably diverse. This is never made into a “thing” or used as some tool to drive home some clumsy point in the way a lot of movies do, instead they’re just people, people who do an exceptional job and I love that. I never once felt like a single person was miscast or not befitting their role and honestly, the fact that they never draw overt attention to it allows each actor to simply play their part exceptionally. Secondly, this draws attention to an imperfect man of great significance in American history that… Yeah, I’m sure I learned about him in school but honestly didn’t know all that much about him. The fact that they essentially make something that’s one part highly entertaining musical and another part educational and historical piece is wonderful.

Stars : Ralph Fiennes, Walter Murch, Taghi Amirani

Genre : Documentary, History

Country : UK

Posted on: August 24th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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