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Corporate Animals (2019)

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R | IMDb 4.4/10 | 1hr 26 min

Corporate Animals is a modern day satire that may not appeal to everyone. If you have worked in corporate America for any length of time, then this movie is worth your time and money. This page has corporate animals 2019, watch online, corporate animals 2019 free download, full movie hd. 

Being a satire, the movie is obviously not to be taken literally, since every sketch or scene in the movie is a metaphor. The script is excellent and there is a lot of good content. Remember Filmxy has Corporate Animals (2019) Online Full Movie, Corporate Animals (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. 

Those of you who have watched “Welcome to the jungle (2014)” will recognize some similarity in overall plotline. The characters in Corporate Animals are colleagues on a ‘team building’ exercise with an activity instructor. Similar to “Welcome to the jungle”, things go awry and the characters are thrown into an impossible situation that sets the stage for the rest of the film. The difference being that the characters in ‘welcome to the jungle’ are in a jungle on an island and here the characters are in a cave in the middle of the desert.

Importantly, Corporate Animals delves into several pertinent contemporary social and economic issues. For example, there is commentary on the so called ‘trickle down economy’ and what it really means to the average joe, and many many more.

I can’t say more without giving away spoilers, so I’ll just say that if you do or have ever had an opinion about Capitalism or Corporate America, then this movie makes for excellent catharsis for you.

Repeat viewing for a movie like this should be rewarding since I am sure I’ve missed several good jokes and references in the first viewing.

Ironically, everything in this sometime over the top satire could be factually true, except for the ending, which certainly is fiction … it’s a happy ending!

Stars : Demi Moore, Ed Helms, Jessica Williams

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Country : USA

Posted on: September 22nd, 2019

Posted by: shadow

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