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Cold Blood (2019)

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While watching Cold Blood, I kind of felt director, Petitjean, wanted to recapture the entertainment of Leon. Though Jean Reno is easily one of the best parts of the film, it is Samantha Bond, in no more than a three minute scene, who is easily the most interesting character; charming, forward, humorous, melancholic and unquestionably accepting of what has happened to her, if you’re anything like me, you’ll end up wishing the movie was centered around her. This page has cold blood 2019, watch online, cold blood 2019 free download, full movie hd.

The film is about Melody (Sarah Lind), who, quite literally, crashes into Henry’s (Jean Reno) life on a snow mobile, where he is living quietly in Washington State. A retired contract killer, he is quite obviously consumed by paranoia at the unannounced guest, but begins nursing her back to health regardless. Lind and Reno work well together, the issue with this being, the film is gearing itself as a cat and mouse thriller, and yet there is little antagonism felt between these characters, especially after Henry’s rescuing efforts. As Henry comes to learn more about his guest, as to be expected, not all is as it seems. Filmxy has Cold Blood (2019) Online Full Movie, Cold Blood (2019) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Jean Reno, Sarah Lind, Joe Anderson

Another detriment to the film is its over-abundance of Kappa (Joe Anderson) and Davies (Ihor Ciszkewycz), two police officers investigating a crime that they don’t yet know is connected to Henry’s past. In no way am I questioning their acting chops; I am questioning their relevance entirely, as Kappa is merely used as a tool to move the plot forward, with the occasional irritable dialogue, and Davies is there to supposedly shed light on his partner’s past, though nothing ever comes of it. When they are on screen, for their lengthy durations, I couldn’t help but wait, with bated breath, until the film finally returned to Reno. Malcolm (David Gyasi) is another underused character, and though his motivations are largely kept under the rug for a majority of the film’s runtime, perhaps to create some semblance of tension that is profoundly extinct from the movie, his character could have been removed, and it would not have changed the story in the slightest. These three characters just create filler, in a film where there should be none.

A lot is alluded to over the course of the film, from potentially sordid histories, to questionable motives and other nefarious players in the world of assassination, though none of this goes anywhere – you would think the filmmakers are setting this up to be a franchise. On the rare occasions when we aren’t being told something, and are instead shown, never is it seen again; one example is Henry’s secret weapon storage case. Unless something is significant, or is going to be revisited at a later time in the finished product, we should probably not be privy to it.

The outdoor setting of the film is undoubtedly beautiful, though Henry’s cabin neither receives the same treatment, or the appropriate use of suspension of disbelief. One example; when nursing Melody back to health, she is in Henry’s bed, which is designed for one person. So, where does he sleep?

I know I’ve heaped a lot of negativity onto Cold Blood – to be frank, it’s fine, where it could have been a gem. We can see the potential, in Bond’s exciting dialogue; in the uniquely executed assassination; in the clever use of flashback to defy expectations; in the musical score. But for the most part, it never lives up to its potential. It surprisingly goes quite quickly, no doubt due to the star power of Reno, so if you are looking for something to waste away the time, this could be a consideration; though do keep in mind the emphasis on ‘waste time’.

Stars : Jean Reno, Sarah Lind, Joe Anderson

Genre : Action, Thriller

Country : Belgium, France

Posted on: July 7th, 2019

Posted by: king

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