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Chintu Ka Birthday (2020)

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During US invasion of Iraq some illegal migrants are waiting to get back home to India. As one such family prepares to celebrate the 6th birthday of their youngest member Chintu, their kind-hearted Iraqi landlord lends them a helping hand. It’s chintu’s birthday everything is set, only problem is chintu is in War torn Baghdad, will chintu able to celebrate his birthday? Vinay pathak and Tillotama shome shine as a couple, Seema pahwa finds a corner in your heart, the kid who plays Chintu never looks tired on camera and other members of party are also very good with their respective roles. This page has chintu ka birthday 2020, watch online, chintu ka birthday 2020 free download, full movie hd.


Chintu Ka Birthday is a heartwarming little movie that requests you not to shed your last ounce of optimism during trying times. It’s an international collaboration starring Vinay Pathak, Tilottama Shome, Seema Bhargava, Nate Scholz, Reginald L. Barnes, and a few others. Written and directed by Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh, the story revolves around an Indian family living in 2004 Iraq and how they’re prepping to celebrate the birthday of six-year-old Chintu, the youngest member. Filmxy has Chintu Ka Birthday (2020) Online Full Movie, Chintu Ka Birthday (2020) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Vinay Pathak, Tillotama Shome, Seema Bhargava.


The movie is good no doubt but how do you get Nepali passport and didn’t even realize till you are inside Indian Embassy. When you can speak good english in front of soldiers but can’t find out about your tempered citizenship. Why the landlord was running is other issue but how come 2 children at your door to eat the cake when soldiers are waiting for route to clear. Overall a movie to watch because of short duration. Chintu Ka Birthday (Chintu’s Birthday) is a difficult film to review because although it has its heart at the right place the constant flipflopping between comedy and thriller made me slightly uncomfortable both as a viewer enjoying good cinema and a discerning entertainee trying to not describe such a proceeding therefore as contrived. The idea of a sweet, small Indian family of five trying to celebrate its youngest member’s birthday in a war-torn Iraq soon after the fall of Saddam Hussein is a unique one. And I love how the film takes place within the span of a few hours and yet does not lose sight of time. I don’t know who comes first in acting here when you have Vinay Pathak as the father who will remind you of your own paternal figure, or the supremely talented and film festival feature usual Tillotama Shome whose one smile is enough to make you fall in love with whatever character she is playing (and she also sings in this with Seema Bhargava), or Bisha Chaturvedi the daughter whose expressions have been shot so well you will love that particular scene when she’s looking at her father, that brave man who just rolled some magic into the wind because all he wants is to celebrate the birthday. I struggled a little with the overzealous performance and slightly pretentious writing of the Iraqi character played by Khaled Masso as well as the mercuric characteristics of the two American soldiers who enter the screen sometime in the second act but when I look at the underlying message and the idea that has been used to convey that, I cannot stop singing praises of Chintu Ka Birthday, a film that is as sweet as the marvelous vertically scrolling animation snippet that takes you into itself at the beginning softly narrated by Vedant Chibber the innocent-looking young boy who plays Chintu. 

Stars : Vinay Pathak, Tillotama Shome, Seema Bhargava

Genre : Drama, Uncategorized

Country : India

Posted on: June 28th, 2020

Posted by: Bad Boy

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