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Brick Mansions (2014)

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PG-13 | IMDb 5.7/10 | 1h 30min

Brick Mansions (2014) was never gonna be great, I think that can be agreed on, but in all honesty it does succeed in at least being quite entertaining. The story and script are obviously not the center of the full movie nor it’s strong suits, having Paul Walker is a good addition and the reason anyone watched this I think however in the first place, not to mention he died before it’s released. The only reason to watch this movie online at all is to have some decent mindless action with a few laughs, and at least the action is entertaining. Is it at all believable : no, and you don’t have to watch more than the trailer to know that. It does at least keep you busy watching something while not needing to give all your attention, it can be fun to watch, but also some of the action is just super dumb and you kinda wonder why you bothered watching it at that moment.  


The end is predictable honestly and not a bad ending in any regard. Overall the movie doesn’t actually seem low budget or anything of the sort, some of the bullet sounds and such are pretty fake but not awful, and there isn’t a whole lot of gunshots anyways because most is hand to hand. So all in all ok movie to free download for mindless action and to see on of Walkers last films, not much for new story anywhere in it but does have a good uplifting ending.

Stars : Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA

Genre : Action, Crime

Country : Canada, France, USA

Posted on: August 18th, 2014

Posted by: filmxy

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