Back to the Future Part III (1990)

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PG | IMDb 7.4/10 | 1h 58min

Entertaining, but full of plot holes and i still enjoyed watching it online. I understand that in the first one “Back to the Future (1985)“, they needed the lightning bolt because they didn’t have plutonium. But in this one they need the train because they didn’t have the gas which was needed to get the DeLorian up to 88mph. Okay then why cant Doc just re-rig the speedometer to triger at 20mph? Or since Marty got there in the Delorian from 1955, why cant they just go siphon the gas from the one Doc sealed in the cave back in 1885? I guess we”re just supposed to forget how to free download and how great the other “Back to the Future Part II (1989)” was. 


Nevertheless, Out of the franchise, this is one that I would place right behind the first film. It’s a solid entry, and a step up from the time jumping second one. Once your in the past, you stay in the past. Everything about it works. Marty, Emmett, and Clara as well as Mad Dog Tannen it felt so different and yet the same when it got going. It was thoroughly a good movie from beginning to the end. Off course you will agree if you watch it full. Everything was solidified, and perfectly wraps up the story in the best way. Good movie, almost great.


Posted on: August 20th, 2015

Posted by: filmxy

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