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After Lucia (2012)

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It’s hard to watch Después de Lucía and don’t get hit by a mix of feelings caused by it, like anguish, guilt, hatred and pity. And these are just a few that I felt when watching the movie. At least for me, the movie was pretty effective, mainly because I have witnessed situations just like the one shown in the movie. This page has after lucia 2012, Después de Lucía (2012), watch online, after lucia 2012 free download, full movie hd.

The story follows the teenager Alejandra and her father Roberto moving to a new city after the death of the title character. In this new town, he starts working as a chef while Alejandra starts going to school. After something happens in a weekend party, she starts being bullied by the students. Filmxy has After Lucia (2012) Online Full Movie, Después de Lucía (2012), After Lucia (2012) free download HD Bluray 720p 1080p with English subtitle. Stars: Tessa Ia, Hernán Mendoza, Gonzalo Vega Jr.

Everything that her character goes through makes us feel really bad and powerless, seeing all that and without the capacity to help. And that’s part of the superb direction of Michel Franco, which really carries the movie. Notice that almost all scenes have a static camera, and all the action perfectly fits within the frame. This gives us powerful scenes, like the one in the trip to Veracruz, where we can see students making out, others smoking marijuana, others drinking and two guys talking about something that one of them just made in the bathroom. Even with all this happening on the screen, we can’t stop thinking about what happened outside of it, and it’s hard to tell what just happened in that bathroom.

The camera is always far from the actors, trying to avoid us to make a connection with them. However, there is one scene with a close-up in Alejandra face, maybe to make us feel close to her. There is also only one scene (that I remember) where the camera moves, and that happens when Alejandra enters the classroom, and we see a 180 degree turn, maybe in an attempt of Franco to tell the public that the moment when the girl enters that room, her life is going to take a similar turn.

The director also made a good choice picking Tessa Ia e Hernán Mendoza for the main roles. When they’re together, it’s visible the indifference that reigns in their relationship. Roberto always tries to hide his suffering from Alejandra but when he is alone he cries and can’t stand to drive the car in which his wife died. And even trying to show some love for Alejandra, he fails in some situations, like the one when he forgets her birthday, a fact that is not missed by her so called friends.

If it wasn’t for the ending, which will irritate the politically correct, I wouldn’t hesitate in show Después de Lucía to some students, trying to make them to see the dimension that bullying can reach. And let’s make clear that I’m not a defender of Alejandra, mainly because the act that starts all of the bullying is caused by her recklessness. But, even knowing that she has some guilty in everything that happened, the reaction it caused was extremely unproportional.

Stars : Tessa Ia, Hernán Mendoza, Gonzalo Vega Jr.

Genre : Drama

Country : France, Mexico

Posted on: October 1st, 2019

Posted by: king

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